Rodell Duff

White Oak Music Hall , 2915 N Main St, , Houston, Texas

Music Knows No Boundaries is a special evening of music benefiting children with autism spectrum disorder in the Greater Houston area. Liz Selig, founder of Music Knows No Boundaries, hosted the first event in April of 2018 to celebrate the remarkable impact of music on those with autism and to assist middle class families with out of pocket expenses associated with ASD.

100% of the proceeds from the evening, which includes an auction, benefit the Autism Society of Texas. Autism Society of Texas will in turn issue the grants to autism impacted families in the Greater Houston area. Liz felt the need to find a way to help middle class families who are often overlooked by most organizations distributing grants because they exceed the poverty level thresholds.

While many services and therapies for autism spectrum disorder are covered by medical insurance, parents and caregivers are left with an undue financial burden of caring for their disabled child. Some therapeutic clinics do not accept insurance, some doctors are out of network, deductibles must still be met, co-pays are oftentimes excluded from the deductible, and many expenses are not deemed “medical expenses” by insurance companies. Items that are medically necessary but not covered by insurance include special needs modifications to a home, iPads or other electronic devices to assist with speech, learning, and writing, tuition for private schools specializing in autism, caregiving services, respite care, tutoring services, special needs modifications to a personal vehicle, specialist care for a diagnosis or other medical treatments that do not take medical insurance, multiple therapies, swim lessons, loss of work for parents of those with an autistic family member and more.