Rodell Duff was born in Trinidad & Tobago. He moved to Houston, TX as a kid and has been his home since then. Music has always been a part of his life. From being in the choir during his school years, to now garnering over  7 million plus streams on Spotify with just 5 releases under his belt. Now residing in Kemah, TX, Rodell Duff has been all over Texas performing in front of live crowds. He recently opened up for acts such as The Josh Abbott Band, Michael Ray & Corey Kent, just to name a few.

His first official single "Wrecked" was released in 2021 & ended up landing on Spotify's "Hot Country" playlist. That song alone garnered over 5.6million streams prior to a year of being released. "Wrecked" is the song that has opened many doors for him and his new EP which was released in September of 2022.  

"Faith without works is dead" is what Rodell Duff abides by, he believes that hard work gets you to places you want to go. He also wants to show his son that anything is possible , if you work hard.